Social Media Overview (aka: I don’t where the f*ck to begin package): $250

You know you need to be on social media (and maybe even set up a Facebook page) but you don’t know where to start or where to go.

Don’t worry. I got you boo.

  • One hour conference call
  • Review current social media platforms and brand voice
    • Feeling like the little mermaid and can’t find your voice? I can help with that.
  • Recommend high level social media strategy that allows you to analyze your analytics
  • Recommend best practices (i.e: algoryth-what?!)
  • Provide list of How To’s (apps to use, how to avoid being shadowbanned, etc)
  • Follow up email check-in to answer questions

Social Media Strategy (aka: I kinda know where to begin package):


You have a Facebook page but only your bestie likes your posts because you text her too.

Don’t worry. I got you boo.

  • Includes all services from previous package
  • Recommend targeted strategies that are brand specific
  • Set up platforms to allow you to hit the ground running (email newsletter, snap chat filters, etc)
  • Once a week check-in via email for a month (provide support, answer questions, etc)
  • Follow up hour check in call to answer questions

(further service and support available; see below)

Social Media Support (aka: I’m busy running the ops of this business. I don’t have time to snap-chat package and/or sh*t. I need more help package):


(Negotiated blocks of time  available as well)

I get it.  You’re busy being a subject matter expert #badass. Maybe you’re still a bit confused.

Don’t worry. I got you boo.

  • Connect you with local influencers to help create talk triggers
  • Newsletter management
  • Social Media images (curated and created by me or a guru that I connect you with)

Not sure where you stand and/or what you need?

Click on CONTACT and I will send you my  (free) questionnaire to figure out where we should start!

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